Avon Lake House Painting

Avon Lake House Painting

Choosing The Right Exterior Paint For Your Avon Lake House Painting Project

Avon Lake house painting project can go off with a blast! Ace Painting is here to share a few things with you. As a homeowner, you may have a preference for a certain brand of paint or you may be open to suggestions. No matter which brand you choose, it should possess a few key attributes. It is these attributes that matter. Being in the painting business for more than a decade, we have learned a few key indicators that can help you to choose the best quality paint for your home exteriors.

When it comes to Avon Lake house painting project, you need to understand that different paint is used for the exteriors and interiors. Here, we shall talk about the attributes you should look for in a brand of paint for the outside of your home.

  • The first attribute is durability. When you invest in painting, it is not a small sum of money. Most Avon Lake residents would invest in a fresh coat of paint once in a decade or possibly even less frequently than that. To achieve that kind of durability, your painting would have to stand the test of time. Many homeowners inquire about overall performance but that is very vague. Durability is not vague. It is a definitive period of time that the paint can last without needing a touch-up or any maintenance. Sure, there may be some mild maintenance but you shouldn’t have to spend a small fortune to ensure that your home looks pleasant.
  • The second attribute you should look for is the paint’s ability to resist the growth of mold and mildew. In the Cleveland, Ohio area, the summers are mostly humid and the winters can be quite snowy. Both humidity and snow would facilitate moisture and promote the growth of mold and mildew. If your choice of painting on the exteriors of your house is not capable of resisting that growth, then you are looking at a considerable expense, recurring maintenance and also unpleasant appeal of your home’s exteriors.
  • The third desirable attribute is ultraviolet radiation resistance. Depending on where your home is located in Cleveland the exteriors would be exposed to direct sunlight to varying extents. When you choose a paint that can resist such radiation, you are looking at increased durability.
  • There are two aspects that we, as a painting company, look at which will also benefit you. The ease with which the paints can be applied and the range of colors that are available, both are significant. We always recommend homeowners to choose colors that are not likely to fade quickly. Otherwise, you can choose any color from the palette.
  • Finally, you should never opt for a brand that doesn’t make environment friendly paints.

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