Exterior House Painting Ideas

Exterior House Painting Ideas


Next to a unique architecture, exterior house painting is the second best way to make a house truly come alive. Accent colors on trims, shutters, decks, boards and doors highlight the distinctive details of your house, or make it stand out among a sea of same model homes.

Still, a pleasing appearance isn’t all there is to exterior house painting. To make the outside colors of your home last longer—and therefore cheaper in terms of home maintenance bills in the long run—you must paint your homes’ exterior the correct way.

Here are ways on how to undertake exterior house painting that not only makes your house look better but keep its pleasing colors for years to come:


1. Clean the exterior of your home thoroughly.


Before you can start applying a new paint coat, every surface that’ll be painted over has to be cleaned and washed thoroughly. A combination of trisodium phosphate (or TSP) and bleach will strip off any unwanted pollutants—mildew, oils, pollen, grime and grease—and provide a pristine canvass for your color choices.


2. Do a thorough inspection of washed surfaces.


If you think the bleach-TSP solution is the last step to cleaning surfaces, you got another think coming. This time, examine windows, trims, doors, walls, boards and other wooden features for problems. Look out for rotting boards, missing sidings, loose tiles, cracked caulking, and peeling or flaking paint. Replace anything that needs replacing. Repair, scrape, sand, brush and prime any exterior feature that needs to be refined. Apply new caulking where necessary.


3. Start painting house exteriors with your chosen paint colors.


It’s time to paint! But don’t just budget for the cheapest paint. Invest in a high quality paint as it’ll last longer, show better, keep colors longer, apply more smoothly, and adhere more closely. Hopefully, it’ll take a very long time before you’ll need to do another round of exterior house painting.

A word about application: using a roller or a brush is best for exterior house painting. If you prefer to use the spray method, make sure the paint adheres closely and smoothly on wooden surfaces by sweeping back in one direction with a brush.Exterior house painting needs a lot of preparation but if you do it right the first time, you’re guaranteed a longer lifetime for your paint work. When it comes to painting house exteriors, a little groundwork will go a long way.