House Painting Ideas

House Painting Ideas


House Painting Ideas


At one point or another, you’ll end up needing some house painting ideas. Whether you own the house or rent it, you’ll find that you need to do some painting just to give your house a new look or hide its flaws.

The first problem that you’ll encounter when you decide to take on painting your house—whether you’re painting rooms or painting the outside of your house—is choosing which paint color to use. Believe me, deciding on the right paint color can be very stressful and might take some time. But the rewards are great once you choose—the right coat of paint can transform a boring house into a neighborhood standout.

Getting the paint color right is also the cheapest way to change how your home looks from the inside and the outside. Still, it doesn’t take away the fact that it’s the hardest choice you’ll ever make when house painting. If you’re pretty indecisive, you might make several trips to your home improvement store. To make choosing colors as painless as possible, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help. Stores carry paint samples with them, and they even go so far as to allow you to try out these colors in store.

To make deciding easier, start with colors that you like. Get color samples and discuss this with people you live with. Obviously, you’ll want a paint color that’ll go with the purpose of the room or wouldn’t clash with the other home colors in your neighborhood.

For more house painting ideas, check out home improvement magazines and books. Visit showrooms and exhibits. Be careful about what you see in these perfect situations though because the result might not be ideal for your home.


 Exterior House Painting Ideas


With the right color combination and house painting inspiration, keep in mind that all the features of your home—shutters, doors, gables, gutters, trim, dormers and so on—must complement  each other in terms of color to create a visually harmonious effect.

For some house painting ideas, light brown shades—from beige to bronze—are perfect for your home’s outside walls since sunlight is more benign on them. Reds and yellows are assertive colors and may lend a harsh character to your home…unless these colors are standard in your region. Green, on the other hand, is a washout tint so you’ll need several layers to achieve a hue that won’t pick up the surrounding greens of the leaves and trees.

Other considerations: (1) if your house is located in a subdivision or gated community, speak with the homeowners’ association first to see what colors are permitted, and (2) color choices can also influence your property value so choose carefully.

If you get the right help and have the right information, you’ll have a swifter time settling on house painting ideas that’ll work for you.


 Interior House Painting Ideas


Along with lighting, paint color is the other thing that interior designers use to create mood and atmosphere in a particular room. A room’s ambiance is very important because of the purposes it serves. Rooms can be activity centers or sanctuaries so paint must be able to create the kind of mood that’s appropriate to its intended use.

Paint—and by extension, painting rooms by yourself—is the most cost-effective way of changing the look and feel of the rooms in our homes. Getting the right combination of interior paint colors create not only visual appeal but also comfort and belongingness.

If you do end up painting the inside and outside of your home one of these days, always remember that you’ll need patience all throughout—from preparing painting surfaces and choosing the right colors through to actually applying paint. Colors can complement or counter each other and your final paint color choices will depend largely on the effect that you want to achieve. Whatever your house painting style and decorating personality, your choice of colors will tell others a lot about who you are.  Call us for more house painting ideas.