Medina House Painting Ideas

Medina House Painting Ideas

Medina Exterior House Painting Ideas


Because the outside of your Medina home represents your personality to the outside world, exterior house painting is probably one of the more important projects that require careful thought and planning. Obtaining relevant exterior house painting ideas early on can save you many mistakes, useless efforts and wasted time.


The wear and tear that the elements like rain, sun, wind and snow can bring to your Medina home exterior isn’t something inconsequential. Add that to the fact that a house exterior can have several different surfaces and you’ll want the best possible house painting ideas at your disposal when embarking on this major project.


Ideas for painting the outside of your Medina house can be obtained everywhere. The simple reason that they abound means many are searching for inexpensive ways to protect their homes from the devastating effects of weather and the elements. Caulking and painting are the simplest ways to prevent more damage to your Medina home, especially when using better quality products and equipment. Hiring a professional house painter is also a good move as their knowledge and experience will ensure that you’ll have a longer service life to your exterior house paint.


Here are other exterior house painting ideas that you may want to consider, based on the type of surfaces available. Choose what idea is best suited for your Medina house.


1.  T-111 wood siding. This type of siding can be a challenge to paint because of the cracks and chips that can get into the plywood. If your Medina home has this kind of siding and it’s stained, then it’s best to re-apply the stain rather than paint it.


2.  Vinyl siding. This type of siding can be a challenge. The most important thing to remember about vinyl siding painting is to choose a color that’s lighter, not darker, than its current hue since a darker vinyl will take in more heat and keep your interiors warmer.


3.  Steel siding. The best exterior house painting idea when it comes to metal siding is to avoid latex-based primers. Use oil-based primers instead so that it’ll adhere better to the steel surface. An acrylic latex exterior paint is best for this job.


4.  Masonite siding. The proper paint thickness is the key this type of siding. It’s made from synthetic materials and come textured or smooth. You’ll need a couple of coats, with the first coat dried thoroughly first before applying the second, to achieve a consistent, uniform finish.


5.  Stucco finish. This type of finish is a preferred house exterior finish because of its low maintenance, economical costs and long service life. Acrylic latex paint is ideal for repainting stucco because they provide great gloss and are color fast.


6.  Concrete blocks. They’re perfect for commercial structures because they can be painted or stained, depending on the owner’s preferences. There are also many ways to create unique decorative arrangements using this material.


If your house exterior is one of these, then it’ll be a quick job to find exterior house painting ideas that’ll work for your Medina home. If you’re not that confident of carrying the house painting project yourself, then it’s best to get the services of a professional house painter—we’ll be very happy to help.